Coordinating Committee 

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Ashley Perez she/her
Business - SATX
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Raised in San Antonio, Texas, Ashley is an artist who has a passion for painting, drawing, and being surrounded by art, fellow artists, and nature. For years, she has worked as a teaching artist, which has enabled her to discover her voice while also assisting others in discovering theirs. She is a proud UPO member because she saw an opportunity to advocate for workers while learning from like-minded, knowledgeable individuals who are passionate about the cause. Member since 3/23.

Andrew Alemao he/him
Business - ATX
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Andrew studied Sociology at the University of Iowa and applies sociological principles to his organizing. He especially enjoys working on campaigns that hold local police accountable. Always the rabble-rouser, Andrew loves unionizing those same campaigns. When he isn't organizing, he can be found spoiling his cat, Beans. Member since 11/20.

Jacob Aranowitz he/him
Business - ATX
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Jacob is a founding member of United Professional Organizers and has served in various leadership roles. He is a field organizer and director with 8 years of experience and one of our most prolific labor organizers, having won recognition through organizing campaigns & card checks for over a dozen bargaining units. As a long-time member of the Business Committee, he is involved in routine contract enforcement & grievance proceedings. He resides in Austin, TX, with his wife Sofia & their three cats. Member since 2018.

Arash Farasat
Personnel - DFW
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Originally from Austin and have been based in Dallas for over 15 years. My experiences working during and right out of high school got me interested in labor rights. I began organizing in 2012 with Workers Defense Project and found my first union within UPO in 2018.

Jess Robertson
Personnel - ATX
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Raised in "Title Town" aka Aledo, Texas, I moved to Austin in 2017. I now live with my partner, Caleb, and our black angel we call Smooth Cat. I'm proud to be a member of UPO because we are a union that will support progressive candidates and causes while ensuring campaign workers are respected and compensated for their skills and hard work. Member since 10/21

Tarah Taylor
Personnel - HTX
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Tarah was introduced to the Labor Movement in 2014 and became a union organizer. After returning to campaigns, she began to radicalize her coworkers to join unions. Shas held organizing positions at AFL-CIO, the ACLU of Texas, and National Nurses United. She has worked over 20 election cycles and consults for campaigns on voter engagement technology. Member since 2018

Justin Green he/him
Secretariat - ATX
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I moved from Connecticut to Austin in 2016 with creative goals in mind, but I gradually became more involved in electoral politics and, eventually labor organizing. Now, some of my proudest moments are standing in solidarity with my union comrades and helping grow an organization that fights for all workers. I occasionally deal with stomach issues. Member since 9/2020

Victoria Politte she/her
Secretariat - HTX
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Victoria joined the labor movement when she was elected as Union Secretary for the International Thespian Society. She volunteered with SEIU’s Fight for 15 Campaign in 2016, with victories including safer working conditions and higher raises at Popeyes in Austin and Wendy’s in San Marcos. She joined UPO with the Natasha Harper Madison campaign and has continued to salt shop floors throughout the state. Member since 2018

Fran Tatu she/her
Treasurer - ATX
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Grew up overseas as a diplomatic dependent in the ’60s, ’70s & ’80s. Single Mom of two millennials, I came to Atx amidst Hurricane Katrina in 2005, & settled eventually in the hill country. I’m proud to be part of UPO, as our union represents workers who have a vision & a mission for creating a better world via our organizing & fieldwork. I appreciate the leadership for consistently proving to be proactive and strong advocates who walk their talk. Member since 11/21